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Grateful: Bratwurst, Beer, Baseball and more…Part II

“Would you repeat that, please?” I asked. “We’re booked for the night,” he replied, “and so are our other ‘properties’ in the Long Beach and surrounding areas. The nearest hotels reporting vacancies are at LAX.” Jerome, that was the name…
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Frazzled: Bratwurst, Beer, Baseball and More…(Part 1)

A couple of weeks ago I took a bike ride before my next day’s flight to California, already savoring what has become my annual baseball junket with brats, beer, historical venues, and melt-in-your-mouth Christopher Elbow chocolates. It was late afternoon…
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Phoneless, Fat, and Self-Righteous

There’s an uproar brewing inside me—a full-blown tempest in my soul—deserved unrest. [I am] such stuff as dreams [and brokenness] are made on and [my] little life is rounded by sleep—thank you Shakespeare, Freud, and Jesus. Prospero, Shakespeare’s magician in…
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